SharePoint 2010: How to use jQuery to update the TaxonomyFieldControl field values

  • To update the visual display of the taxonomy textbox
  1. target the .ms-taxonomy-writeableregion
  2. update  the html markup with specific format per item: “<span class=”valid-text” title=””>{0}</span>”, 0: name of the taxonomy term
  3. update the hidden value in the page, so it will save to the page field
  4. target the class with specific format: “{0}|{1};” with the 0: name of the taxonomy term, 1: GUID of the taxonomy term.

This is useful when the user don’t want to struggle with the enterprise keywords intellisense since they don’t know about the structure of the term set, therefore we can make a custom tree view / check box list for the user to pick from and update the UI on the client side, to fill up the field when user pick an option.


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